Fresh herbs. Flavoursome herbs. Only the finest herbs will do. At Chat Moss Herbs we’re passionate about our herbs, which is why we only ever allow the highest quality produce to leave our door. With supplies arriving daily from carefully selected local farmers, national markets and international suppliers, the flavour is certainly in the freshness. It’s not just herbs we’re passionate about – we also supply a delicious range of garden fresh salad leaves and pestos too, from traditional basil, peppery rocolla, coriander chilli and lemongrass sundried tomato and roasted pepper, tomato and chilli pesto. Also a fairly new vegan range that are listed on our products page. Rest assured we take good care of our herbs, salad leaves, infused oils and pestos during delivery, only using refrigerated vehicles for transportation, because we want all our produce to arrive as fresh as fresh can be.
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